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AMMARA is a new approach to getting dressed for the occasion.

A curated collection of shirts, one idea: timely elegance at a modern price, edited down to suit you.

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AMMARA is a new approach to getting dressed for the occasion.

A curated collection of shirts, one idea: timely elegance at a modern price, edited down to suit you.

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Your Life is the Occasion

AMMARA shirts dress you for it. All of it.

Versatility is the modern woman’s greatest accessory. What you wear has to carry you through a work-day-to-weekend-night’s worth of meetings, meals and events.

We know this because we understand our customer, and we understand our customer because we are our customer.

We’ve eliminated the department store model and its accompanying financial markup. Our direct-to-consumer concept allows for the highest-possible quality and a curated, seasonally-relevant selection at a cost that fits your lifestyle. It also means that what you see on-site is available for immediate delivery — the perfect shirt, just in time for the occasion.

P.S. You’ll notice that each shirt is named for a powerful, inspirational woman. Use this to your advantage. Nothing like an extra boost of confidence.

The Hunt for the Perfect Shirt

About Ammara, the Founder

After receiving her MBA from Harvard, Ammara Yaqub spent ten years working in luxury fashion at Zac Posen, Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2011, she launched her first eponymous line, which centered on coats and dresses. It was sold in stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Fred Segal and recognized in publications like Vogue and InStyle. For a fashion entrepreneur, these are career pinnacles. They still sit high on Ammara’s shelf of personal achievements. 

By 2015, with so many milestones marked amid a changing market, Ammara began to think about what the next phase of AMMARA would look like. She thought about problems she encountered as a consumer, not just as a designer. 

First, shoppers had developed a see now, buy now, wear now mentality but many stores had yet to catch up. Next, there was the issue of price: Good quality cost too much. As an industry insider aware of luxury markups, Ammara knew there existed another way. Finally, there was a market gap when it came to tops; as jeans staked claim in the forefront of the modern woman’s closet, no shirts seemed to satiate the very real need for casual elegance.

It was then that she knew what the next wave of AMMARA would be: beautiful, high quality, well-tailored shirts without the retail mark-up; shirts that are curated to suit every occasion and are ready to be worn the moment you lay eyes on them — for less than half the typical retail price.

Eyes Up Here

There’s a Reason We Focus on Tops

Personal style already established, you have the pieces you cherish and after years of bending to the beckoning of trends, you’ve found trousers that flatter you. What you could use are a few shirts that sink into your daily rotation and adapt to every occasion, ones that you’re excited to wear years after the novelty wears off of “something new.”

Our exclusive focus on shirts allows for us to perfect every style from tailoring to silhouette. Every detail is considered, every hem cherished, every cut important. We use premium fabrics such as Sea Island Cotton and 4 Ply Crepe for tops that feel as luxurious as they look. None of this would be possible without our factory, which has 40 years of experience working with top American designer labels and boasts the finest Italian craftsmanship.

The quality speaks for itself; the shirt, meanwhile, helps you tell your story. 

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See now. Buy now. Wear now.

This is what they mean by “living in the moment.”

The Internet has changed the fashion landscape; what shows in Paris appears on our phones in that very same instant. By the time these items hit stores sixth months later, not only are we fatigued by the product, we’re frustrated because we can’t wear it. But to call this antiquated is, in and of itself, almost antiquated: the industry is shifting to accommodate the consumer. Many designers have already adapted to a new way of thinking, one where runway collections correspond with the viewing season and are available for immediate purchase.

We believe shirting should follow this same practice. New styles are launched at the beginning of every month, edited to provide you with a selection that makes sense for your life, in the moment.

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Behind the Seams

We believe in absolute transparency. From stitch to silhouette, you should know what you're paying for and why.

Online shopping has changed consumer luxury. Before e-commerce, there was no choice but to sell clothes through third party retailers. By making the web AMMARA’s home, we are able to reach our customers directly and fulfill their immediate needs, accommodating high quality taste with an affordable price point.

AMMARA charges a 2.5X margin instead of the typical 8X margin of a department store transaction. This allows for the highest caliber product at the best possible price. By eliminating the intermediary, we’re able to invest in luxurious, natural fabrics and work with factories that are the best in their class. The men and women who work in these factories are industry veterans just as dedicated to product excellence (and therefore, your happiness) as we are.  

AMMARA’s quality is non-negotiable; so is making sure that you are not paying extra for what we believe you deserve. 

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